Sports on Loop

Nana & Khairul

Sports on Loop, 2015
Nana & Khairul
Near Stadium MRT

Nana (Siti Nurhasanah Bte Sharif) and Khairul (Muhammad Khairul Hafiz) are both designers and they share one thing in common: to capture and create memorable experiences in their designs. Their works are often influenced by the essence of nature, events and things that give insightful depth to the processes and results which create memories. They have worked with various mediums to achieve the desired forms and structures, from 3D printing and lasercutting, to even working with their own hands to mould the design.

This sculpture is inspired by a children's toy, allowing the user to move blocks from one point to another through the sculpture. In conjunction with the SEA Games, these blocks will be substituted with replicas of various sports balls. These balls will glow as they are moved along the poles by members of the public, providing a hands-on artpiece that conveys how sports can unite individuals.

Images : Richard Koh for The Living! Project