Khor Tuck Kuan

Metamorphosis, 2015
Khor Tuck Kuan
Near Sports Hub Library

Khor Tuck Kuan is a founding member and the current Director and Head of Design at Timmermann & Tan Advertising. An experienced community art collaborator with The Living! Project, their previous collaborations include the "In Celebration" project (2011) and "The Wishing Tree" project (2012), which became the first Asian artist collectives presented at the prestigious Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights) in Lyon, France.

Metamorphosis illustrates that it takes great effort and determination to take the plunge, but when we conquer the obstacles and challenges that face us (the spiraling force), a vibrant and colourful future awaits (the transformation of the plain figure into a colourful one). This is a parallel for athletes preparing for competitions, much like those for the upcoming SEA Games. This artwork similarly depicts the journey taken by our founding fathers that built Singapore over the last 50 years. Metamorphosis hopes to be an adequate representation of Singapore’s journey, while celebrating our current strengths and successes as a nation.

This artwork was created in collaboration with a team of residents of the Teen Challenge Drugs & Alcohol Rehabilitation (DARE) Centre.

Images : Richard Koh for The Living! Project