Circle Of Inspiration

Erwin Lao

Circle Of Inspiration, 2015
Erwin Lao
Outside Kallang Wave Mall

Erwin works as an interior design consultant. The major wake up call to his artistic senses came in his college years, when art was the closest element each time he looked around. In the process of discovering himself as an aspiring artist, experimentation and the juxtaposition of different elements became his favourite touches. Through his debut art installation, he hopes to be able to inspire the general public through art, and to make this event a memorable one for everyone.

Circle of Inspiration is a public light art project that aims to share inspiring stories from Singaporean athletes through the years, and to pay tribute to those from the Pioneer Generation. These are the men and women who represented Singapore on the world stage, and helped our nation to shine in our early years. Each acrylic sheet depicts a hand-drawn portrait of a chosen sportsperson and their advice to the future generations of Singaporeans about sporting excellence. Through this project, members of the public can write appreciation messages to any of the pioneer sportspeople. At the end of the project, the messages will be collected, framed, and presented to the representative sportspeople as a collective token of appreciation, for their important contributions to the Singapore sporting scene.

Featured Pioneers: C. Kunalan, Bill Wee, Tan Hwee Hock, Tan Eng Chai, Tan Eng Bock, Tang Eng Liang, SS Dhillon, Tan Yoon Yin, Annabel Pennefather, Patricia Chan, Chia Boon Leong, Henry Tan, Robert Tan, A.R Jumabhoy, Vijaratnam Arumugam, Tan Howe Liang

Images : Richard Koh for The Living! Project