Celebrate The Extraordinary

Sun I- Yu

Celebrate The Extraordinary, 2015
Sun I- Yu
Cathay Green
With numerous solo and group exhibitions, Taiwanese-born Sun I-Yu is an established professional artist with her works commissioned and collected all over the world. Primarily oil paints, her artworks provide fresh contemporary interpretation of subjects. For her, art is a process to reach deep into the realm of aesthetics through the expression of content and form. Playing with different mediums, Sun I-Yu has expanded into 3 dimensional works, adopting glass, crystal and metal into her sculptures. 

The human figure in Celebrate The Extraordinary embodies a number of values. First, it is a physical representation of the athletes that will participate in the Games. The SEA Games is a fundamental building block that reinforces international relationships between neighbouring countries. The sculpture also pays homage to Singapore’s diversity and multi-racial harmony that is demonstrated through the Games, as we stand unified to promote the spirit of sport, where the goal is not to win, but to put every effort into becoming the best that one can be.  

The athlete’s form is an expression of their effort; likewise, the work of one’s hands is an expression of the heart; this is illustrated through an interactive feature on the sculpture, when a touch of one’s hand (in the form of a hi-five) against the sculpture’s will light up the figure’s heart.

In line with this, the artist will also be working with volunteers from Hwa Chong Institution (College Section, together with local organisations Blank Canvas Art Therapy and The Red Pencil (Singapore), to raise awareness about Art Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that combines the creative processes of art making with theories of psychology. It allows individuals of all ages to voice their feelings and helps them to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Images : Richard Koh for The Living! Project